Ssenkumba is new boss of Law Society at UCU


In what seemed like a heavenly sigh of relief, the UCU Law Society that has been without its top leadership finally has elected a president, in the gallant name of Caesar Ssenkumba.

Ssenkumba is a fourth year LLB student and a remarkable tennis player. Facing off with Doreen Nyangoma Kagambe, Ssenkumba won with 163 votes against Nyangoma’s 158.

Judging by the voter demographic,the by-election proved to be a tough and cut-throat competition. Surprisingly, it also illustrated so much peacefulness as the voters cast their ballots.

In contrast with the 2015 post-guild elections which were marred with irregularities, chaos and empty blatant accusations.

This aftermath hasn’t worn out the scars that cast the UCU Electoral Commission’s ability and credibility to organise a peaceful election.

This by-election is a sincere attempt of healing old wounds, differences and most importantly one that forges a way forward for UCU’s political

landscape vis-à-vis socio- economic transformation.

The portrayal of peace and tolerance implies that the youth in UCU are finally starting to embrace the principles of good democratic governance. Asked about his perspective of the by- election, Ssenkumba simply retorted that “God has taken his pick” in his typical calm and composed demeanour.

Amidst all the pompous ululation and jubilation that congratulated him, Ssenkumba, on the other hand takes an office that needs restructuring policy and at most dedication. Doreen Nyangoma humblyconcededdefeat as she said, “Thank you all for the support.

Things didn’t go well but the Lord has a plan. Thank you and God bless you.” Now this is very touching, given that Nyangoma put up a formidable fight as well. Nyangoma represents an exceptional class of women who are willing to challenge the status quo to compete in a male-dominated field.

This act of bravery is quite admirable and for that I feel Nyangoma doesn’t go home a loser but one with a bird in the hand. She has won the hearts of faithfuls who still believe in her to serve in a position that is different. Thank you, Nyangoma for trying your best! Congratulations to Ssenkumba as well!

Nonetheless, in a war there’s always a victor and a loser. However, I urge everyone to accept all the circumstances and strive for harmony and prosperity.


The 2016 – 2017 guild polls commence in high gear


Preparations for Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono’s 2016 – 2017 guild elections are in high gear according to the vice chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Desmond Feni.


The process kicked off on September 5, 2016 with a call for applications for the position of commissioners who will aid in the election season.

Feni stressed that vetting of the applicants shall be done by the electoral commission

committee and successful candidates will participate in running the electoral activities.

“The applicants are many and we take in between 40 to 50 commissioners depending on our budget. We assess every individual who hands

in the application, observe his or her personal character and screening is done, after which successful applicants are trained,” he said.

Activities include: civic education training, picking nomination forms, vetting, and

faculty vetting for presidential aspirants. Other activities are the vetting of the joint selection board, declaration of successful candidates, campaigns, and finally voting.

Elections shall be held on November 4, 2016.