Mind your computer

Coffee spills on a computer. This is very harmful to your computer (Internet photo)


The personal computer (PC) is now assisting us in many tasks at work, school or home.

With the PC on your desk, you can reach all the corners of the world, do business, arrange events, make friends and so many other eventful and important things However, if not used wisely and with care, value for the purchase may be lost.

First of all, one needs to know that despite being a machine and not a living thing, a computer ought to be taken care of. So, precautions like covering it when not in use to prevent dust build-up are essential.

If it is a laptop, get a bag or cover for it. This also helps prevent breakage of the screen and the internal system in case of a fall. 

Liquids should be kept away from the computer because they may cause damage to the internal system when they spill on it.

Know the battery of your computer and study its consumption trend. This will assist you to know when to charge and help you plan for the tasks to be done.

Commanding a computer to perform several tasks at once makes it slower and sometimes causes it to freeze. Therefore, do not confuse your computer; give it commands in an orderly manner.

A computer is a machine but it needs rest too. When used for a long time, it heats up. So give it a break often and do not use it endlessly.

Finally, at the end of a long day’s work, you just want to shut down and run off! Avoid this because all the programmes will still be open in the task bar. So, take time and save your documents, close all programmes that have been in use and shut down properly. This helps the computer refresh, and be ready for the next day’s work.