Pick up your call – Mwangi


“All of us have a call that God has given to us, to live our lives in glory and honour to him. This happens only by accepting Jesus Christ,” said Pastor Mwangi Muthui, the Youth Pastor of Nairobi Baptist Church, on September 25, while preaching in Nkoyoyo Hall.

He added that most of us have reached a point in our lives where we have heard the message of the gospel and we know that Jesus Christ came and died that we may be saved but the question is: how have we responded to that call?

Addressing the congregation during the launch of the Advent Semester Mission Week, Pastor Mwangi added that Christians have been called upon to pick up their call from God.

“Many Christians have concentrated on values such as giving back to the needy, observance of the law and fulfilling other church norms, thus neglecting their call while on earth, which should not be the case,” he said.

“The appropriate response is found in Acts 2:36–38. So we should all ‘repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ … for the forgiveness of sins,” Pastor Mwangi said.

Another guest speaker, Pastor Calisto Odede, expressed his fear about the current generation that is living in a hurting world where people are messed up through sexual immorality.

“The greatest need of the hour is individuals, young women and men, whose hearts

are revived through having a connection with God,” Odede said.

The University Chaplain, Dr Rebecca Nyegenye, said that Mission Week is held to give an opportunity to those who have not yet encountered Christ, and others who have never come to church, to share his love.

“It is such a joy to be here for this Mission Week. It is a challenge for every one of us to be evangelists. If you are a believer, I encourage you to look out for someone who does not know Christ and share the gospel with them this week,” Nyegenye said.

Other speakers included Rev Esmond Serunjoji, Dr Alfred Olwa and Rev David Kaggwa.

The week runs from September 25 to October 2 under the theme, “Plough your fallow ground.” There will also be praise and worship from various choirs, and a music extravaganza.