Students advised on making tough relationship choices


“Is your relationship drawing you closer to God, or drawing you away from God in pursuit for status?”

Pastor Nick Korir challenged students to reflect on the above statement, in his adress during the Advent semester Relationship Week.

Korir, the Youth Pastor at Nairobi Chapel in Kenya, asked the students to step out of fake relationships that plunge them into bottomless pits ofreplacingtruelovefor lust, infatuation and sex.

“The devil has managed to plant a seed of doubt in the youth, driving them to doubt their competence to preserve a relationship with ethics of virginity and abstinence.

This forces them to take on desperate measures, with the lie that the guidelines set in the Bible are limitations to your freedom. Do not believe such lies but commit to making tough choices for your good,”he told the students at Uganda Christian University (UCU), Mukono.

The theme of the week was ‘Tough Choices Galatians 6:7-8’. The focus was on the decisions that youth make in managing relationships in their lives. These included paying attention to one’s inner beauty, lost innocence, sexuality, balancing academics and relationships, and wise living, among others

The vice chancellor, Dr John Senyonyi and his wife Ruth tackled the session on lost innocence in relationships. “Sexuality is a gift from God for pleasure and propagation,” the VC said, explaining that it is