Resolution to graduate nurses’ impasse overdue

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Uganda Christian University (UCU) and three other universities are embroiled in an im-passe over the issuance of practicing certificates to their graduate nurses, on the grounds that they do not meet the minimum qualifications.

The body responsible for issuing the practic- ing certificates, the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (UNMC), contends that despite hold- ing degrees, the nurses either did not sit for or pass both chemistry and biology at advanced level.

UCU argues that there is no indication that the programme of study was not accredited; that the students were not taught properly, or that they did not acquire adequate nursing knowledge and skills.

On and on the arguments and counter argu- ments go; drawing in the National Council for Higher Education, courts of law, and parliament.

As these ‘elephants’ fight, the ‘grass’ (gradu- ates, parents and sponsors, and patients in health centers across the country) continue to suffer.

What is apparent is that a mistake was made, and whoever is responsible for it should own up and speedily seek an effective way forward to end the suffering. Then, all concerned parties need to en- gage in soul searching and realise that continuing the impasse is not going to take away the problem.

More importantly, those whose mistake it is not, but who are part of solution seeking, should swallow their pride. No more going around in circles and blaming so and so. Instead of finger pointing, work towards a gainful way forward. Short of that we are all losers who will end up throwing out the baby with the bath water.