We ought to do more about science courses

UCU staff exhibiting at an Expo in Dar-es-Salaam (Photo by Ivan Naijuka)

As we struggle to create, sell to the publics, advance and make Uganda Christian University (UCU) a ‘centre of excellence in the heart of Africa’, we ought to be mindful not to carry out activities that would bring shame instead of the desired glory.

The Standard of August 1 – September 4, on page 3 reported a story with the headline “UCU takes part in Dar Science and Technology expo”. It was said that “while other institutions had various tangible science models on display, UCU’s stall was filled with brochures and copies of The Standard.”

Indeed, the reporter also quotes the Tanzanian permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education Science and Technology as asking: “What are you exhibiting?”

This should point us to something that is happening ‘within’ that calls for auditing and quality assurance.

Who sanctioned such a team, with no single science and technology personnel, expert or student to go for the science and technology expo? What did we expect that we would expose to the Tanzanian publics in terms of science and technology, teaching and innovation?

Alongside the admissions team should have been a lead scientist/technologist from UCU!

At previous university open days, at least we have seen science and technology faculty models, simple enough to be transported or even assembled in Dar. What went wrong with our ‘Christcentredness’ and ‘Stewardship’ in the pursuit of excellence in this matter?