Treading the right academic journey

AJVLife is a journey and the same can be said of academics. I imagine a time when we could hardly walk, talk, write or even make sense of our surroundings! But surprisingly we have continued to grow physically and academically.

This Advent Semester brings to us yet another new cohort of students. Some will be camped at UCU for two years, three or even four years, depending on the course they are pursuing.

This long period of academic struggle needs a deeper realization of our purpose and objective for our life. Often applicants pray unceasingly to God to be considered for a course.

When we are admitted we feel a fulfilling joy. But as we move by and by, the dangers of getting used to the process set in. This situation is also known as institution and course familiarity.

This situation affects a learner in remaining pegged to the primary objective for achieving the intended goals.

One often gets used to the environment or course that if one is not careful he/she may bow down to poor performance. In life consistency is key, not only in academia but also daily today commitment.

In psychology it is claimed that familiarity breeds contempt! I agree with this notion. However, it is possible to overcome the above dilemma in the following ways:

Keep focused on your primary objective of your end goal. It’s good to continuously reflect on why we are where we are.

Seek for counselling from the Chaplaincy, peers, the counselling and guidance office or career office. This may also download our worries and eventually help us to move forward.

The strategy of life is to always rekindle our zeal or morale. Just like the way a car’s tire can almost deflate only to be brought to life by pumping in new air, so is the academics journey. Amidst all prayer is key.

In Matthew 7:7, Jesus gives us a way out. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you,” he said.

Determination will lead us to the Promised Land if we keep in Christ as he keeps in us by the his grace.

The writer is a lecturer in the Foundations Studies Department at Uganda Christian University


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