Mukono businessmen trained


Business owners in Mukono Municipality have been equipped with skills in business management, record keeping, and proper customer care.

The training took place at Uganda Christian University in a workshop held on August 27.

Facilitators were sourced from the Faculty of business and management as well as from among the well known successful business persons within Mukono Municipality.

The traders were encouraged to be creative and vigilant while making decisions.

“It is easy to copy a business idea but sustaining that particular business will be an issue because one can never tell how another business owner managed to achieve what they have. Therefore, it is better to create what you know such that it can be easily handled and managed,” Mukono Municipality Mayor, George Fred Kagimu, said.

“Choose a particular business idea basing on your competence, do not see what another business owner is doing and just copy,” he added.

Kagimu further emphasised that it is better to engage in a business that one loves, such that even when losses are made, it is still easy to move on with the business because profits are not a priority in that particular moment.

The other speakers included the Mukono District LC V Chairman, Mr Andrew Ssenyonga, the Chairman of Mukono Traders’ Association, Mr Godfrey Kyeswa and Mr Isaac Katono, the pioneer dean of the UCU Faculty of Business and Management.

Mr Godfrey Ssempungu, an associate dean at the Faculty of Business, encouraged traders to mind how they treat their clients because this will always bring them back for the same service or product.

“It is important to create a lifetime relationship between you (the service provider) and the customer such that more clients are easily recommended because of the bond created,” he said.

He that adding that it is everyone’s responsibility to provide customer care, because the way clients are handled is what will bring them back.

Mr Ssenyonga advised entrepreneurs to always create friends that are beneficial to them. Such friends will help them achieve a goal as long as one is humble and willing to learn.

“The friends we create either help us achieve what we desire or doom us.” Ssenyonga said.