Words of Hope Ministries marks ten years of service

Words of Hope
The board members of Words of Hope Ministries cut the cake to mark the ten years annivesary (Photo by Doreen Kajeru)

“There is still spiritual emptiness. The only thing that can turn this country into a God-fearing nation is the spreading of the gospel,” said the Executive Director of Words of Hope Ministries, Canon Captain Titus Baraka.

While speaking at the commemoration of ten years of the ministry in Uganda, on July 12, Canon Baraka said that the media should be aggressively used in order to capture the attention of people in the world, especially the youth.

“Words of Hope is committed to producing Christian character and commitment, nurture and disciple people, counsel and empower church leaders and also create relationships among all Bible believing denominations.

“We are also concerned about parenting and marriage based on Biblical foundation and will not hesitate to guide the flock about it,” he said at a function at Rest Gardens in Bweyogerere.

The Chairman, Words of Hope Ministries, Rt Rev Samuel Steven Kazimba, appreciated the ministry members for their efforts and contributions, and urged them to make a commitment to continuously pray for the ministry.

“It is with prayer that all will flourish. And given the economic, spiritual, social and political dynamics of our times, we have to use new tools to spread the gospel. If we stick to the old tools, we shall not grow the church,” he said.

He noted that radio was a great avenue for spreading the gospel and fulfilling the Great Commission, and requested members to double the efforts towards accomplishing this.

“Psalm 126 is a good reflection on our history and future. I urge you to trust God more because He does great things for those that believe and endure,” Kazimba concluded.

The UCU representative, Deputy Vice Chancellor Development and External Relations, Mr David Mugawe, pledged continuous and consistent support to the ministry. He encouraged each and everyone to play their part and leave the rest to God.

Words of Hope Ministries started operations in June, 2006 in conjunction with Mukono Diocese and has since spread to 13 dioceses in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. In Uganda it operates in Mbale, Lango, Ruwenzori, Masindi Kitara, Northern Uganda, Ankole, Sebei, Nebbi, and Kinkizi, among others. 

Its vision is to build the Church of Christ worldwide through broadcasting. Its mission is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ through radio, to the people of Uganda and neighbouring countries.

In Uganda, the ministry’s radio programmes are broadcast on Elgon FM, Sun FM, Kabarole Research Centre, Signal FM, Mbale FM, Messiah FM, Namirembe FM, Spirit FM, and others.