Thanks UCU for establishing The Standard

I appreciate Uganda Christian University (UCU) for providing us with The Standard newspaper, which is a great platform for students and staff to express themselves through news and feature stories, letters and opinion articles.

The ultimate joy comes with seeing one’s work published especially for the first time, but the comfort of knowing your voice has been heard is something to look forward to.

The great African writer Chinua Achebe once said that a writer cannot expect to be excused from the task of re-education and re-generation. In fact, he should march right in front. As a UCU student, I am automatically exposed to a lot that enables me to write, and the education journey has so far been a gratifying one. I appeal to all you silent writers out there to never let the opportunity of greatness pass you by.

Be part of The Standard newspaper and let people enjoy the reflections on your mind in the most creative and informative ways possible. As a mass communication student, it has definitely been a practical way for me to interact with a great news body within my environment. To the reluctant ones, I encourage you to start writing today.