Pruning yeilds better results



Uganda Christian University (UCU) was home to me for three years, from 2010 to 2013. It played a great part in grooming me into the person I am today, morally, academically and spiritually.

During my studies at UCU, many issues of dissent between the students and the administration would come up.

For example, the students complained about the strict dress-code that was instituted shortly after I joined the university.

Luckily for me, my sister, who was in her third year by the time I joined, had tipped me on the dos and don’ts of the institution and what to expect; thus I had received prior advice.

But I digress.

The bone of contention for many presently is the banning of worship that does not conform to the Anglican Church.

I am one of the many who originally misconstrued the decision thinking the institution was against students of other faiths. When I studied at UCU, I had a number of friends, some of whom were Muslim, Catholic, Bahai and some Indians who believed in Krishna.

Apart from the various Christian fellowships, the above mentioned faiths never had gatherings inside UCU premises.

I engaged in discussion with a close friend now at UCU and got some insight into why the ban was put in place.

I understand that today there are mushrooming churches that hold prayers in different class blocks mostly during the Community Worship Hour.

These are headed by ‘apostles’, ‘prophets’ and ‘bishops’ of questionable ordination and sects.

My opinion is that the decision to ban them was hasty.

They would have first been engaged to find meeting places elsewhere, not on the university premises. instead of being banned.

But now that the decision has already been made, the aftermath of the complaints needs to be managed through a good public relations campaign.

Many alumni and the public may be up in arms today because they do not understand why this decision was taken. Overall it was a worthwhile decision.

Overall, it was a worthwhile decision and on my part I will do my best to enlighten any concerned parties that I come across.

The writer is an UCU alumnus and News Anchor/Reporter with UBC TV