Must have shoes for every occasion

EnkaitoThere’s a shoe for every man and woman for every occasion. You can tell a lot about someone based on his/her shoes. Is he/ she going to the office, or meeting someone at the park? Below is how to get a basic sense of what to wear, and when to wear it.



You can wear them with jeans, skirts, shorts, and dresses. They’re also great for running errands, and playing with your kids, or if you’re a working woman, they’re a great option for the office when your feet need a rest from heels.


These are such a great option for a casual shoe. They’re much better than the beat up athletic sneaker and are just as comfortable! They match well with jeans, shorts, leggings, and even casual dresses. They’re great weekday and weekend shoes or even super casual date night shoes.

Classic pump

You cannot be a woman without a pair of classic pumps. They are the most versatile shoe in the entire world and are great for church, work, parties — you name it. A pointed toe pump is the most classic shape and won’t go out of style anytime soon.


As far as ankle boots go, they come in every variety possible and are my very favourite to wear all the time. Flat pairs are great for everyday wear, and ones with a little stacked heel are great for date nights, dressing up a pair of jeans, or wearing with a dress.


Sandals are an essential to every closet. Choose a pair that can be dressed up or down and that looks good with shorts, dresses, jeans, and skirts.


Sandals Flats

The classic summer casual choice, keep them any time you think you’re going to be going to be near water. Trips to the poolside and the beach are ideal.

Canvas Lace-ups are the simple, casual choice. Avoid fussy patterns, and keep them for casual events.


Loafers shoes

A great choice that bridges the great divide between casual shoes and formal shoes. Get a pair as soon as you can afford them. Match them to your belt, with brown for a more casual vibe.

Patent leather shoes are a brilliant, stylish, formal choice that looks its best with black-tie.


A more rustic choice that comes from traditional Scottish country shoes, they’re a perfect choice for lazy afternoons in the country.



A workhorse of a dress shoe, every man ought to own two, if he can afford it. When in doubt, oxfords never look out of place, and should serve you well if all else fails


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