Kudos to DH on neatness

Some of the Dining Hall staff cleaning plates after lunch (Photo by Arthur Matsiko)

I enrolled at UCU as my university of choice, and I was filled with excitement when I joined and got to explore the place.

The dining hall is one of the places I was most interested in upon arrival, but I was shocked when I saw that the toilets were built adjacent to the dining hall.

“How can the toilets be so close to a food serving point?” I wondered, bracing myself for blue flies hovering over our food.

I have since been pleased to learn that such proximity could have no disastrous effect, especially considering the high traffic of students using the toilets every minute.

Over the years I have noticed consistency in maintaining and observing high levels of hygiene.

There is often someone cleaning in the kitchen, at the serving points and dining area, as well as the toilets after every meal in preparation for the next shift. This routine is commendable.

The utensils are ever clean and fresh without pungent smells from previous servings; and the floor is always neat and tidy.

As I wind up my course this semester, I surely have not known any disastrous incident coming from ‘Dr. Senyonyi’s restaurant’.

I salute the dining hall management for maintaining a hospitable and friendly environment.