Establishing yourself as graduate of value


It is time to exit to the corporate world, and we believe a degree from this institution will open numerous doors for you and strengthen your chances for success as you enter the next stage in life, writes CONNIE MUSISI.

On this day as you graduate, we can only say, “To God be the glory for the great things He has done.”

You have come a long way from the day you applied to join the university, got shortlisted, attended an interview with panelists whom you thought had been staged to frustrate you, passed and got admitted to this great institution.

Although your achievements thus far are great, there are still more challenges for you to overcome.

The education that you have attained is invaluable, and it will equip you how to handle the unique rigors of life.

For example, if you expect to get out of university and easily find a job, it may not be so. You may have to write more than 150 job applications; and when you land an entry level job typically reserved for fresh graduates with less work experience, go for it! Then purpose to work hard.

Also, keep the following in mind, and your degree will bear fruit:

  • Character: What do you want to be known for? As the bad guy in the community? The things you do are indicators of your character. Remember talent is a gift but manners are a choice. They will bring lasting success for you in life. If you want success, manners are the foundation on which to build your success.
  • Determination and commitment: How do you spend your time? Do you do the right thing at the right time? “Not another timetable in life after UCU’s lecture timetable!” you may say, but scheduling your life will streamline your path in life.
  • Change your talk: It is time you painted your talk with bright colours of optimism. There are many graduates who always paint their talk with colours of unemployment pessimism, but UCU graduates are a No.1 brand, sought after by employers.
  •  Kick laziness out of your life. Show up every day with energy ready to work. As you go out into the world, know that it is the beginning of the learning curve, keep learning, growing and improving.
  • Be courageous and have the strength to say to yourself, “I can do it and must make it.” UCU has not been a place of the uncourageous. That you are graduating today means you have courage. So go forth with it.
  • Now that you have graduated, put an end to student’s mannerisms and the dependency syndrome. You now have to make a living for yourself and earn your keep! Be good to people. One of the issues that you ought to have learnt and practised here is generosity.
  • A whole week in the course of each semester is always dedicated to acts of generosity, like “Save-a-buddy”. Let your candle burn brighter and also light others.
  • Listen to the elders, including those you feel and think are less important in your life. Your certificate comes with pomp and pride, but maturity comes with wisdom.
  • Finally, go with a positive attitude towards life. Problems and challenges will be there as a matter of fact but we trust that you will succeed. Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

The Writer is the Career Development and Placement Officer