Respect our Christian identity – Senyonyi


The Vice Chancellor , Dr John Senyonyi has cautioned the UCU community about disrespecting the university’s Christian identity. During community worship in Nkoyoyo Hall on June 14, he said that all worship in the university is and should be overseen and coordinated by the chaplaincy.

“Other forms of worship that are not bound by the university guidelines will not be accepted.”

He added that admitting students from different religions did not mean granting the right to exercise different ways of worship at the university.

“It is a matter of respecting one another, this is also done in other religion based universities, so respect our identity,” he said.

He added that the freedom of worship is not the same as freedom to intrude on other people’s rights, so the Christian identity of UCU should not be disrespected.

“People of different religious affiliations and denominations should find places outside the university to worship, not within the university. There are many places around: mosques and churches surrounding the university, you can worship there,” he said.

The Chaplain, Rev. Rebecca Nyegenye, said that any activity or form of worship that undermines the Christian identity of the university will not be tolerated.