Lifestyle choices linked to cancer

Mugisha addressing the community in Nkoyoyo Hall

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) community  was on June 14, cautioned about lifestyle choices in relation to cancer, reports Doreen Kajeru. 

Dr Noreb Mugisha, the head of the Comprehensive Community Cancer Programme, Uganda Cancer Institute, said that the lifestyle one chooses determines whether or not they can get cancer.

“Cancer is a group of diseases and can affect anyone at any age. It is not one disease as many people think, but it is a group of more than 100 diseases that affect the body and lead to division of cells that results in growth of tumours in the affected body area,” he explained.

“One’s lifestyle may increase one’s predisposition to cancer. Risk factors include the careless use of steroids, age, HIV, among others. Adopt a healthy lifestyle because it is our immunity that destroys the cancer cells.”

Dr Mugisha advised the female students to avoid sleeping with older men, stick to one sexual partner and stay faithful in marriage.

“This will reduce the risk of contracting the Human Papilloma Virus that causes cancer of the cervix in women. Men too, can contract cancer of the penis from this virus.” 

The community was further advised to eat healthy foods, avoid sugar, fatty foods, and alcohol. “Women who take alcohol are at a greater risk of getting breast cancer. So young ladies, flee from such,” he said.

He concluded that when detected early, cancer is curable.

“Therefore, go for routine screening, get involved in regular physical activity, avoid risky sexual relations, and avoid tobacco use

“And please, spread the word: tell your sister, child, brother and friend about how to reduce their risk of getting cancer. We want to empower as many people as we can,” he said.

Mugisha was speaking to the community during the Health Awareness week, which was launched by the Guild President, Pius Nyikirize, launched on 12 June in Nkoyoyo Hall.