How convenient is that power bank?



Planning a long trip? Going somewhere remote with limited or no power supply? Well, the power bank comes in handy.

Power banks are a fairly recent invention borne of the necessity to always be able to access the smart phones.

Because they have very many applications, smart phones tend to drain battery quickly and thus the need to be charged once or more times a day. A power bank does save the day. 

Power banks are portable power ‘stores’. They come in different shapes, sizes, quality and capacities. Just like phones, they too are charged to contain power that is later used to charge the phone.

The flipside is that they are definitely not safe. Think of them more as boosters and stimulants than chargers because overtime the battery of the phone weakens because of the insufficient power supply. Most of them are also slow and may not be able to raise a 100 per cent battery charge.

Ronald Awany, a staff member says that depending on power banks is deadly because they drain the battery and make it phone batteries vulnerable. He says that using a power bank should be the last option to turn to.

With the universal chargers, the battery is removed from the phone and connected to the charger, which is then plugged into the wall. This diminishes the durability of the battery. Further, disassembling the phone parts to get the battery out can also lead to damage to other features.

So, however convenient the power banks may be, direct charging of the phone is the best and most effective way to keep one’s phone battery safe and sound for longer.