Do something about that pot-belly of yours

Man wearing tight shirt, hands behind back, mid section, close-up


While it is so easy to get belly fat, losing it is no easy task. Apart from belly being extremely discomforting, doctors have consistently noted that it is associated with a number of health complications including Type2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleeping Apnea (a sleep disorder characterised by pauses in breathing.)

However with determination, anyone can defeat belly fat. Start with eating right. Edison Monday, a senior nursing officer at Allan Galpin Health Centre (AGHC) notes that on a single balanced plate of food, in one sitting, three quarters of the food should be fruits and vegetables, and the other quarter be proteins, grains, cereals or carbohydrates.

“This is a balanced diet that anyone trying to fight excess belly fat should be eating,” Monday advises. 

“The mistake that very many people make is to eat allots of fats and artificial sugars people should instead eat more of micro nutrients because the body needs them.”

People with belly fat should not eat a lot of carbohydrates because the body converts more carbohydrates into fats than other classes of food, so if these fats are not broken down, they get store up into belly area and the chicks.

Doing regular exercise has for centuries been a traditional way of curbing excess belly wight. It still remains a key activity that many indulge in today, many do sit ups and leg-ups to curb the problem.

Timothy Kabuye, a senior gym instructor at UCU also agrees that belly fat can really be discomforting and and ugly.

“Many people come here desperate to lose belly fat, but our advice to them is the same: exercise but eat healthy. We put them on diet much as we direct them on what exercise to do like jogging, skipping, walking, aerobics among others,” he says.

Kabuye also adds that although exercises are very important in this attempt, it is not advisable to do the same exercise all the time.

This is because the body adapts to them and then gets no further change.

He advises that the body should be subjected to “muscle confusion” or different exercises and further encourages people with belly fat to keep fit and do certain exercises such as zumba aerobics, spinning back, splitting fire wood, carrying jerry cans among others. That will help the body to burn up excess calories more easily.

Some experts recommend taking green tea as it increases on the levels at which the body burns down fat. It has anti oxidants that can help in burning belly fat.