Two faculties robbed of computers

Business faculty
Four computers and two projectors were stolen from the Faculty of Business and Administration (above) on the night of April 18, 2016 (Photo by Arthur Matsiko)


Police at Uganda Christian University (UCU) are holding a security guard in connection with theft of university computers.

Benard Tegule was arrested on the morning of April 19, 2016 after robbers broke into the offices of the Faculty of Business and Administration the previous night and stole four computers and two projectors.

In the same night, two more computers from the Faculty of Social Sciences went missing.

The computers stolen from the business faculty belonged to administrators Jerome Makumbi, Doreen Serunjogi, Hellena Luzinda, and the faculty dean, Martin Lwanga.

Luzinda told The Standard that she lost students’ results and other official files, some of which she didn’t have a back-up.

“For those [students who are] to graduate in July, there are no updated results. They are retakers and the process of updating their results is hard because we don’t know these students’ [names] off-head,” Luzinda said. “We don’t know what to do for them.”

Serunjogi would also face a similar challenge because she might hardly recover some of the updated results. Asked why she never had a back-up, she blamed the University ICT Services (UIS) for not providing back-up devices such as flash disks and hard drives.

She explained that they had requested for hard drives but were told that the university would no longer provide such devices.

From the social sciences faculty, the missing computers belonged to lecturers Keren Kiconco and Christopher Twesigye. Both computers had official and personal files.

The officer in charge of crime investigations at UCU Police Station, Geoffrey Obote, told The Standard that Tegule was arrested because “he was guarding that area on the night of robbery.”

“We believe he was either sleeping or participated [in the robbery],” Obote added.

Tegule was charged with negligence under police case file number 04/19/04/16. He was released on police bond on April 19, and would keep reporting until investigations are concluded.

By press time, no other arrests had been made.