Over 100 attend UCU inaugural summer camp

One of the students poses a question during a session (Photo by Ivan Naijuka)


The Summer Camp organization committee welcomed Senior Six leavers to the inaugural camp, on April 28. The aim of the camp was to prepare the students for university life, and familiarize them with the new environment.

The first of its kind at UCU, the camp welcomed former students of Ntare School, Gayaza High School, Trinity College Nabbingo, among others.

The students were excited yet cautious around the university. A tour of the campus was done and impressions were made. They were amazed at the structures, size and organization of the campus.

The students were inspired by different guest speakers like Pastor Joshua Mugabi from Watoto Church, and Ms Christine Semambo Ssempebwa from Forum for African Women Educationists (FAWE).

While discussing issues of faith, sex and sexuality, Ps. Mugabi encouraged students to refrain from all sexual impurity and honour God with their bodies.

“You are no longer children but adults and should therefore take responsibility while making serious decisions in your lives,” he said.

Ms Semambo cautioned students on making the most of the time available while at university.

“The time spent at the university, is the determinant of the quality of the future one ends up with,” she said.

Students were privileged to listen to an inspiring couple, Dr John and Ruth Senyonyi who tackled the topic of dating at campus. With a narration of their love journey, the couple guided the students on the right path to take when they choose to engage in relationships.

Great emphasis was placed on prayer for future partners and sexual purity throughout dating and courtship. They also spoke to the students about considering their faith in life and how to live a Christ-directed life.

At the end of the camp, 40 students received Christ as their Lord and Saviour while others made new and serious decisions about renewing their life paths. 

Other speakers were Mr Vincent Kisenyi and Mr Godfrey Ssempungu from the Faculty of Business and Administration, Ms Monica Ntege from the Library, Mrs Christa Oluka from the Academics Office and Ms Connie Musisi from the Career and Development Office. These covered topics on how to choose a career path, making the most of the library, finding one’s life’s purpose at university, time management, at the university, among others.

The students also got a chance to have a wide range of their questions about the different topics answered.

The Communications and Marketing Manager, Mr Ganzi Isharaza, thanked all the students for participating in the camp. He advised them always to have the acquired knowledge at heart.

“Whether you are coming to this university or not, please take what the speakers told you at heart, move and live with it,” he said.

The camp was crowned with a competitive talent show in Nkoyoyo Hall.

Financial discipline 

Mr Kisenyi equipped the students with practical skills to handle financial discipline and encouraged them to administer an accountability principle that involved planning, organizing and controlling their finances.

“Beware of quick money making schemes, and work for every penny transparently.”

He told the students to refrain from the poverty mindset saying, “Your mindset is not about what you have, but how you use what you have.”

Kisenyi also encouraged the students to rightly tune their mind because it is the determinant of how one controls one’s finances.

“Further, tithe, save and also look after your parents when you get employment and start earning a salary in future. And every chance you get, acquire financial intelligence.