Mass Com to get more administrative support


Mr. David Mugawe, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Developmental and External Relations, pledged to continue supporting the Mass Communication Department in all its activities.

“We shall continue to nurture the talent in this department. It is one of the jewels of UCU,” he said.

He made these remarks while closing the Participatory Youth Radio Seminar on April 29, at the Words of Hope building. Dr. Monica Chibita, the Head of Department of Mass Communication, Prossy Kawala, a DW Community worker, and staff of the department attended.

The five-day seminar was organized by Deutsche Welle  (DW) Akademie, a subset of the German based media house, DW. The seminar is held in two African countries, Ghana and Uganda with the aim helping “youth produce radio for the youth”.

Fifteen second and third-year mass communication students were chosen to take part in the seminar. Conducted by DW Akademie staff, Andreas Lange and Assumpta Lattus.

Ms. Eve Masawi, one of the students at the seminar said, “My confidence has been greatly improved, I can now edit audios because we were all given equal opportunity to participate in the different exercises.”

The participants tackled different topics in groups. Some of these included: “Why girls fear pregnancy vs. HIV”, “If I were president”, among others.

The final radio production included different radio formats such as call-ins, profiles, drama, vox pop, features and news.

A website was also started up by one of the students, Joseph Tumwesigye.

Unfortunately, the show failed to broadcast. “The students put in so much effort but the technical equipment at the department failed them,” Lange explained.

The different segments of the show were uploaded on the website and are available at