Campers unveil talent


During the recently concluded summer camp, students were privileged to share joy and create lasting memories in an organised talent show in Nkoyoyo Hall.

Despite the fact that the campers were former students of different schools, they formed several groups in one accord while others preferred performing individually. They competed in the selected categories of poems, comedy, songs, mimes, skits and dance performances.

The students were mesmerised by the sound system that was not only perfect but stable, the changing and colourful lights and a stage big enough to cater for any kind of ‘out-of-this-world’ performance.

 Individuals mainly drew inspiration from love, everyday life and education.

Students mimicked talent and performances from famous artistes in Uganda like the comedian Mondo, commonly known as Teacher Mpamire. Others stuck to originality while the rest turned to the environment and the Western productions like Hillsongs.

The spectators cheered their preferred groups and individuals. Amidst ululations and praises, the performers ecstatically showcased their talent to the best of their ability.The dancers were especially impressive, with moves that would make one think they did not possess bones in their bodies.

Creativity was at its best as the students presented their skits. The award-winning skit was one done without words but only action. Surprisingly, it turned out as the most understood and ‘audible’ skit of the night.

Art and creativity were put to the test as the students recited poems. Individuals mainly drew inspiration from love, everyday life and education. The rhythm and rhyme in the poems kept the audience yearning for the next stanza in the specific piece.

The judges, Mr Ganzi Isharaza, the communications and marketing manager and Mr Patrick Lugemwa, a lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Arts, were amazed at the students’ performances.

However, they faced a dilemma of choosing the best performance since it turned out to be such a stiff competition. Nevertheless, some grounds were established to point out the best artiste of the night. These were uniqueness, level of creativity, vigour, audibility, flexibility, message delivery in skits, time, attire, originality and team work.

The night was crowned with celebrations after one individual and two groups emerged winners in the different categories.

Mr Isharaza encouraged the students to continue pursuing their talents, and congratulated performers for the spirit of oneness, time invested in practice and creativity.