UCU bids farewell to staff

Dr.Senyonyi (light blue shirt),  Kadamuka (extreme left), Owot (third right), Katumba (second right) cutting a cake with other staff members


On March 11, 2016, UCU bade farewell to some of its long-serving staff members. The ceremony was crowned with emotional speeches from the different outgoing staff.

The Vice Chancellor, Dr John Senyonyi, commended the outgoing staff for the service rendered to UCU through their work. “Definitely there are people who have honestly appreciated your work and effort in UCU,”’ he said.

Quoting from 1Thessalonians 1:4-5, Dr Senyonyi said that it is very rare to have to stand before people one has been serving and serving with.

“Standing before us proves what kind of person you have been amongst us and to each of you. Thank you to each one of you,” he said. Senyonyi encouraged the rest to know why and for whom they are working, and prayed for God’s blessings for the outgoing staff.

Noah Kadamuka, estate worker, Capital Projects and Facilities 

Noah Kadamuka, a former estate worker, thanked God for the blessing of work at Uganda Christian University. In his vibrant and what seemed like victory speech, he said he was grateful to UCU but had to leave.

“There is a time you desire to be at UCU, and there is a time you desire to leave UCU,” he said.

He thanked his teammates for the work well done and said that at every point, he learnt from his teammates and they learnt from him too. He said that team work is the best thing for great production. He encouraged all workers still under UCU to work efficiently and effectively while here.

“I did not grumble but appreciated work. Valuing work has helped me start a business that I have been running for close to five years,” he said.

From those he wronged knowingly and unknowingly, he requested for forgiveness, and and wished the management of UCU God’s great blessings.

Emmanuel Owot, former sound technician at the Chaplaincy 

Emmanuel Owot famoulsy known as Emma, has been the sound technician. Apart from handling the instruments and sound technicalities, he was also a singer, preacher and great team

player that will be dearly

missed. The chaplaincy, headed by Rev. Dr Rebecca Nyegenye extended its sincere gratitude to Owot for the effort and hard work.

In his speech, Owot said that he organised his life in a certain direction and that is why he has been able to accomplish whatever he puts his hands on.

“It has been a good run, I loved being a sound technician. It was fun,” he said.

He said that after an evaluation of himself he realised it was time up for him to move on to something else. He thanked the Vice Chancellor and the whole administration for all the support rendered to him in each and every way.

Rev Henry Katumba, former male warden, Students’ Affairs 

Rev. Henry Katumba joined the institution in 1990 as a student. He studied for five years. Later, he became the Land and Farm Supervisor of Ntawo.

In 2006, he became the male warden of Semyoni & Eva Nsibambi Hall, a post from which he resigned in 2016. Rev Katumba apologised to all those he had wronged.

After his long service, Katumba says that no matter how hard the situation or times get, God is forever able to hold us through. He therefore encouraged the rest of the staff members to hold onto God and His promises. In his poetic speech, he challenged every worker to embrace integrity, ethics and godliness amidst any kind of temptation.

He extended his gratitude to everyone that helped, encouraged and moulded him while he was at UCU.

He also commended the Vice Chancellor, Dr John Senyonyi for all the support and trust he extended to him.

The DOSA, Mrs Olive Birabi, said that Katumba was very helpful to the students; he listened and offered help whenever he could.

“It is our prayer that you stay the great mentor wherever you go. We wish you God’s protection and blessings,” she said.

Margaret Opol, former head, Financial Aid Office 

Margaret Opol joined UCU as a student in 1997. Thereafter, she worked with the Uganda Studies Programme (USP) for more than ten years. At the time of resignation, Opol was the head, Financial Aid Office.

Opol who was represented by her husband, Rev. Opol, thanked all that had been there for her while she worked here. He said that she tried to touch many lives through her service with the Uganda Studies Programme and the Financial Aid Office.

After seeing children yearn for a future through education, Opol and her husband decided to lend a hand by building a school in their village. This is what they are embarking on next.