Tackling bedbugs in UCU halls


Bedbugs are not a myth. Neither are they a joke! This reality soon hits you when you become a victim of the dreaded creatures.

Michael Tumwine of A-Block in Nsibambi Hall, had this say. “My first night was discomforting and a torture! I stayed up late trying to ward off bedbugs from my bedsheets.

“Inasmuch as the fumigation was re-done, the attacks still persisted.”

So as to maintain a healthy environment, the health personnel always do the fumigation as scheduled, and occasionally as the need arises. According to the custodian’s office, the Directorate of Facilities and Capital Projects is in charge of fumigation.

Every beginning of semester fumigation is done at Nsibambi, Sabiiti, and Mukasa halls, as well as the Honour’s College and at the Faculty of Science and Technology. Parks are also duly covered.

The custodian, Nsibambi, appeals to all students to report their complaints and suggestions as soon as possible.

“Bedbugs manifest due to poor hygienic conditions and visitors can be carriers as well,” he added, stating that cleanliness is ideal to keep away bedbugs.

A strict health regimen needs to be emphasized in residential halls. Sometimes it takes more than just fumigation to totally wipe out bedbugs. Thus it is no use spraying residential halls if the occupants don’t put in the effort required to mitigate the infestation of bedbugs.

The emphasis here is on sustainable health practices. The onus is upon students to maintain proper health conditions like regular cleaning of the rooms, and washing dirty clothes often.

Dirty clothes harbour bacteria, which supports the survival of bedbugs. The sportsmen who engage in vigorous exercise and sweat a lot need to dispose of their clothes in a laundry bag, if not washed immediately. In so doing, UCU is able to achieve a complete education for a complete person!

Further, ensure penetration of adequate light into the room so as to illuminate all the dark spots, which can act as breeding ground for bedbugs.

Remember that bedbugs have a very high breeding rate. With such measures in place, students like Michael won’t need to worry any more about bedbugs.