Obituary: Rest in eternal peace Mrs Kilonsi Nyakoojo



When a eulogy is made, it often states nice things about the deceased, and the bad things are left out. However, with Mrs Kobusinge Kilonsi Nyakoojo, that will not be the case because there is truly nothing negative that was associated with her.

“Kobs”, as she was fondly referred to by all that knew her, was a wonderful person. Her big, beautiful eyes ensured that whenever she spoke, she commanded attention.

She was born on January 9, 1979 to Mr and Mrs Kilonsi. She attended Buganda Road Primary School, Mt St Mary’s Namagunga for her entire secondary education. She then joined Makerere University for a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Thereafter, she undertook a Diploma in Legal Practice at the Law Development Centre and followed it up with a Master of Laws from Dundee University in the United Kingdom.

I personally got to know her in 1998 during her first year of Law School at Makerere University. At the time I was in my third year of the Law School.

A few of my classmates used to invite me regularly to the Law School Scripture Union fellowships and that is where I became acquainted with Kobs. She was also a classmate and close friend to my wife Lydia, who I was just warming up to at the time. It is mainly on account of this friendship with Lydia that I continued to associate with Kobs even after our Law School. I was, therefore, thrilled when she joined us at the UCU Faculty of Law as a lecturer in 2010.

She had a wonderful, loving heart. This was evident in her association with people. During our Faculty Board meetings at the start of every semester, she was normally the one to advocate for finding ways to help academically weak students. She always wanted to offer assistance to those in a desperate situation. It is no wonder that the law student community cherished her a great deal.

Unfortunately, she became afflicted with an auto-immune disease that led to her spleen destroying her blood. The condition necessitated occasional trips to hospitals for blood transfusions. She first informed me of this condition at the start of the 2015 academic year and various faculty members started praying for her.

At around the same time, the condition worsened and she was admitted to Mulago Hospital. Although she improved after a while, her platelet count went down to zero as her blood was not clotting, which led to internal bleeding specifically in the brain. When this happened she was placed in the Intensive Care Unit at the International Hospital Kampala (IHK). She went through a number of surgeries to remove the spleen and stop the bleeding but unfortunately on Friday morning, February 5, she breathed her last. She was laid to rest in Isagara, Masindi.

Kobs is survived by a loving husband, Dr Ronnie Nyakoojo, to whom she got married in 2010, and two young children, Heather and Joshua.

She ran a good race and fought a good fight during the 37 years of her life. I am more than certain that she has secured herself a place in the Heavenly Kingdom.

The writer is the Law Faculty Dean