UCU now open to advertisers


After realising that many of her activities provide potential sources of revenue, Uganda Christian University is now open to advertisers.

It was not until July 24, 2015 that the university instituted ‘guidelines for advertising’, thus making it legitimate for interested companies to apply for space and time so they could have mutual and beneficial business with UCU.

But business would be done in respect to the ‘guiding principle’ as stipulated in the guidelines for advertising.

The principle provides that since UCU bears a brand that conveys history, tradition and academic excellence, attention should be given to ensure that advertisements uphold or do not contravene the university’s core statements.

“UCU’s role as a Christian institution and as an honoured university requires that its name and reputation be preserved and protected, and that activities and organizations associated with its name must be consistent with the University’s core statements namely; the Instruments of Identity, the Vision, Mission and Theme,” the guiding principle partly reads.

Speaking to The Standard, UCU’s development officer, Margaret Kiwanuka said that the university had always been reluctant about allowing advertisers.

“As a development officer, I look at fundraising but we don’t compromise our values. We only allow credible companies much as we want something from them,” Kiwanuka said. “Now UCU is open for companies to advertise.”

She added that MTN, through Zed technologies Ltd, an advertising company, was the first to show interest. An agreement was signed and space provided.

According to the agreement signed on August 23, 2015 between UCU and Zed technologies, the university would provide space for eighteen poles. Each pole would earn UCU Shs 30,000 per month for an agreed period of 12 months.

“The payment shall be full and lump sum payment for the entire duration [12 months] of the agreement,” the agreement partly reads.

The agreement also notes that Zed technologies shall maintain good condition and appearance of the posts.

It shall be the obligation of UCU to notify the advertiser about the poorly kept displays and the advertiser shall comply within seven days from date of receipt of the information.

Failure to adhere to the above condition, UCU shall have the right to remove such display that is risky to the students and staff.

In an interview with The Standard , planning assistant Andrew Ayebare, said that the university instituted a Physical Infrastructure and Preservation (PIP) committee which oversees all physical infrastructure projects on campus.

“Therefore, you can’t advertise here without PIP knowing,” Ayebare said. “But we don’t want the university to look like an advertising platform of sorts.”