Poetry thrives through Azania


When Azania started in 2008, it was registered at UCU as a student association. For various reasons, the group died out after some years. In 2013, it was revived under the leadership of Jordan Megolonyo, a student of law.

The group deals with raising the passion and art of poetry in the passionate and talented individuals. They do this through rehearsals and thematic performances which they carry out every Thursday evening.

The group does poetry but also performs in dance pieces, writing, and music. The performances that are normally done once a week attract crowds of

the community.

Every semester, there is a grand Azania show where the group showcases its creations and performances.

Azania has spread its wings to the world outside UCU. It performs at several functions and places like the Babi Babi Shai Poetry Festival, Poetry in Session, the National Theatre, Bugolobi Dance Cup, and other platforms.

Through these activities, the group has picked fame and is making several alliances to create platforms for its talent. Azania plans to partner with Uganda Writers’ Foundation, an NGO, to enhance the writing skills of the group’s members.

The leadership

aims at grooming

talent, and creating a sense of belonging for writers and poets.

Megolonyo says the excellent performances are perfected by the enthusiasm the students have for the art. He encourages other students with the zeal for poetry to register and exploit their abilities.

When asked about whether the Writing and Study Skills course is of help to the writers, he said that it is more academic than practical, which should be the main core purpose. He says that a liaison with Foundation Studies Department would create opportunities

for the students to write and publish the literary pieces which could be used in the workbook.