Meet Muhumuza, UCU’s Music Director

Peter Muhumuza plays the piano.


Since childhood, he has been passionate about music, courtesy of his mother, who was a music teacher in the late 1970s at Gayaza High School. He got training especially with the piano since he was three years old.

Driven by passion and talent, Peter Muhumuza grew to love music, after starting to perform at a very tender age. He is now the UCU music Director since 2014.

Born in 1979, Muhumuza is the last in a family of five children. Raised by a single mother, he had a life subjected to reality and serious goals.

He describes his stay at UCU as a blessing. “It’s been an interesting journey. I have run into a number of challenges but I have also run into a couple of opportunities,” he says.

Working with the youth has been his passion too. This is why he says that he finds it so easy and interesting to train and mould them musically. The motivation of this is his willingness and zeal to share the talent God gave him. He says working with the youth has got challenges, especially with their commitment, but also knowing that they shape the future, keeps him enthusiastic about his work.

Before UCU, Muhumuza led, trained and taught the choir at All Saints Cathedral where he ministered since childhood. For

10 years, he worked with Watoto Child Care Ministries. He later worked within the Anglican Church, specifically the Parliament Chaplaincy as the music instructor.

Muhumuza also performs music and instrumental pieces, produces, records, trains people on song writing and composition, does vocal coaching and instrument training.

“When training, you have to look out for the specific genre someone is able to perfectly bring out,” he says. Being a music director, he likes almost all genres but admits that his best is R‘n’B, although he also has a liking for jazz. He has performed locally and internationally.

Muhumuza says he has travelled almost in all states of the world doing different things musically.

Training at UCU is done with students, although, belonging to a choir is a prerequisite for this. This is done to make sure that ministry is strongly built on capable and flexible people. People outside any ministry, including interested staff, pay a fee of Shs50,000 for private coaching.

Muhumuza is fostered by his talent and a great portion of school. He has got a certificate in piano from Kampala Music School. He also says that the experience and perfection comes with practice and the fact that he grew up doing

music. Besides that, he attributes his success to

the exposure he got

on his international 10-year job with Watoto Child Care Ministries, where he was required to travel in different countries, doing different musical assignments.

Muhumuza’s father was murdered during the Amin era in 1979. He was raised at Namirembe Guest House.

With one daughter, Praise, Muhumuza admits he has lived a successful life despite the challenges while growing up.

To the talented people out there, he says that God has entrusted us with His talents. We thus have to put these to use. “The more we put our talents to use, the more God expands the opportunities we encounter in life. I can’t stop to count how many blessings I have got. I didn’t know I would ever step foot in the White House or even Buckingham Palace,” he says.

Muhumuza went to Nakasero Primary School and because of his passion for music, he joined Makerere College for his O-level. For A-level, he went to Green Hill Academy and later joined UCU in 2005 for a Worship Arts course which was based on studying music with great biblical teaching. “We had trainers from the USA, UK and New Zealand,” he recalls.

He says that if any chance came along to advance his music, he would grab it because he is not yet at the top of his satisfaction.