UCU Mbale campus to get a principal

2015-11-20 11.57.14

VC Senyonyi during the thanksgiving for the Mbale University College recently. (Photo by Juma Chebet)


Following the transition of Mbale Campus into Uganda Christian University’s (UCU) second constituent college, the administration is now set to name the first Principal, the Vice Chancellor, Dr. John Senyonyi, has revealed.

This was at the Graduation Thanksgiving ceremony held at the university campus in Mbale where the VC officiated and met with the authorities and student leaders to explain what a constituent college is, an issue which has not been understood by the students’ body at large.

Mbale campus, whose name has changed to UCU Mbale University College, graduated students with certificates in Child Ministry, the first group to graduate at the premises of the college, since its new status was confirmed on November 20.

Dr. Senyonyi explained that the transition from a campus to a constituent college calls for a number of statutory requirements. It means that Mbale University College becomes an integral part of UCU. The staff, students, assets and liabilities of Mbale are now turned over to the university which fulfills the legal regime that is stipulated in the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act.

The establishment of this constituent college fulfills the mandate given to UCU to be a Federal university with the main campus in Mukono, and three campuses in the West, East and North.

“Henceforth, the college shall be headed by a principal; we shall be announcing the first principal soon. We have also scheduled the chancellor of the university to visit the college and preside over next year’s graduation ceremony here in Mbale. Graduates will not need to travel to Mukono any more for their graduation ceremony,” Dr. Senyonyi said.

The VC also heaped praise on the incumbent director of the campus, Rev. Dr. Stephen Mungoma, whose leadership and tireless labour secured the approval from National Council of Higher Education (NCHE).

Senyonyi lauded the university authorities for the creation of short and certificate courses.

They will be fundamental to the development of Mbale and Uganda at large, he said, catering for those who may not have had the qualifications to join the university outright.

“There are youths in Mbale and the surrounding districts that may not qualify for higher education or are unable to raise the financing necessary for their higher education. They are served by these courses,” he said.