Engineers beat lawyers to win football gala


Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering (BSCEE) are the new Champions of UCU football after beating Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in the finals of the Inter-Course Tournament that ended last week at the new pitch.

LLB scored first, 15 minutes into the second half, before BSCEE’s Isaac Onya equalised from the penalty spot.

The game ended in a stalemate leading to penalty shootouts where BSCEE emerged 5-3 winners.

The winners also walked away with a trophy and Shs200,000 awarded by the Guild Minister of Sports, Emmanuel Kemisi.

Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management (BPLM) was knocked out by LLB in the semi-finals on spot kicks, while Bachelor of Education (BAE) was beaten by BSCEE to advance to the finals.