Chancellor’s Award for student, staff excellence announced


Research enthusiasts, outstanding students and staff are the primary targets of the recently announced Chancellor’s Award for Students and Staff Excellence, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali has revealed.

The award that will be championed by the School of Research and Postgraduate Studies is meant to raise the aspirations of all students and staff to excel.

The recipient of the award will receive a certificate, a plaque and
possibly a cash award that shall be determined by the awards committee from time to time.
The committee that is to be chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development and External Relations) will also comprise
of a financial aid officer, a member from every faculty, a member from
all regional campuses and colleges, the University Chaplain and the Guild
Minister of Education.

Constituted in three tiers, the award will seek first to recognize two
graduating students, both undergraduate and postgraduate in the fields
of leadership, innovation, student life, academic excellence, incorporation
of faith in their learning and community service.

The second tier will acknowledge the contribution of a guild president or leader that will have made a significant contribution to the life of
students, promoted the university’s core values among students and internal and external publics, executed with discipline the functions of a guild president as stipulated in the guild constitution and demonstrated active promotion of the university’s brand image.
An academic staff member will be eligible for the award provided they satisfy the select committee in areas of research, innovation, publication and scholarship, time management, leadership, teaching and community life, all of which reflect the university’s purposes and priorities.

Similarly, non-academic staff who will have demonstrated consistent superior service , fulfilling the job description for their respective posts with extraordinary service and adherence to the Student Charter, will also be honoured.

Staff members can only be eligible if they have served for at least one year after their probation period hence staff on probation or within one year after their probation do not qualify.

The award also excludes individuals holding distinguished academic and non-academic ranks such as professors, associate professors, deans, heads of department, the Vice Chancellor and his deputies, directors, managers and the Chaplain.

Eligible candidates must be supported with a letter from their respective
faculties detailing their contribution in accordance with the awards’ guidelines, coupled with a candidates’ curriculum vitae and a minimum of two reference letters to be submitted to the UCU Awards Committee chairman, four weeks before the October pre graduation Commissioning Service.

The award as of August 18, 2015 has been approved by the University
Cabinet to start-off. It will be coordinated from the university main campus though regional or constituent colleges will apply and fund the policy as the committee determines the mode of application across the campuses, which are integral to the main campus.